Working with Belinda

Read what people are saying about their transformative journeys with my coaching. These ladies have reconnected with their true selves, overcome challenges, and embraced new beginnings. Let their stories inspire your own extraordinary transformation.



Before coaching with Belinda, I doubted my career and felt stalled, struggling to separate my identity from my job. Belinda's coaching, which I'd describe as nurturing, restorative, and uplifting, helped me embrace life as a journey with manageable steps. Her warm, empathetic approach eased my fears, allowing me to break down tasks, celebrate small victories, and grow in confidence.  Her ability to reframe negative self-talk and encourage acceptance of praise was a game-changer for me. It's clear that coaching is her calling. She taught me to accept praise, transforming my perspective. I highly recommend Belinda to anyone seeking a supportive and transformative coaching experience. It is definitely well worth the investment in you.


When I first reached out to Belinda, I was feeling overwhelmed, bored and trapped in the daily grind.  While my life seemed perfect on paper, it lacked fulfillment.  My goal was to reclaim my time, establish stronger boundaries, and rediscover joy on my own terms.   Seeking a fresh perspective and accountability, I embarked on a journey of transformation with Belinda.

Her sessions were insightful and energising, guiding me to prioritise self-kindness and boundary setting.  Belinda’s gentle wisdom and attentive listening propelled me towards greater happiness and self-assurance.  One significant revelation was learning to focus on achievable actions while releasing events beyond my control.  This shift allowed me to alleviate societal pressures and embrace practical manifestation tools to define my own definition of success.  Thanks to Belinda, I approach each day with stronger confidence and a clearer sense of purpose.



When I first connected with Belinda, I was at a crossroads, eager for change but uncertain about the path forward after years dedicated to parenting. My journey with her aimed to reignite my self-belief, self-worth, and bravery.

Initially unsure of what to expect, the coaching experience proved to be supportive, empowering, and uplifting beyond my expectations. The most significant transformation I've experienced is seizing every opportunity, a testament to reconnecting with my true potential. Belinda's unique energy and encouraging vibe created a safe space for vulnerability, making me feel seen, heard, and valued at times when it mattered most. Her ability to reflect on my choices with such insight was incredibly affirming. I wholeheartedly recommend Belinda's coaching to anyone seeking a judgment-free space for personal growth. The experience has been instrumental in helping me back myself again, filling me with gratitude and renewed confidence.

Lu Smith


I have known Belinda for over 40 years. This Woman is Inspirational. I have watched as life has thrown many a curve ball at her. Some she caught. Some she dodged and some smacked her for six! She has overcome depression, navigated the challenges of divorce & single motherhood, conquered breast cancer, and so much more! But never, ever have I seen her give up. She learns, grows, pivots, and keeps moving forward. Like everything she does she passionately gives it 110%. If you feel you could benefit from this amazing woman, then I say, don’t hesitate, reach out, because she has you.

Lucy Quick


Belinda is a highly intuitive, supportive, and encouraging coach.  She is deeply committed to guiding her clients toward their goals in a loving and supportive way.

Belinda is a thriving example of someone who has dedicated her own life to the self-development path, learning many invaluable lessons from her personal experience of transformation to pass on to her clients.

Her ability to hold space for her clients in a safe and caring way while still keeping them compassionately accountable really sets her apart as a coach.  I have no doubt that if you’re ready for growth, you’ll be in the perfect hands with Belinda as your coach.



When I reached out to Belinda I was feeling overwhelmed, at a  crossroads and a bit lost, yet parts of my life were thriving.  Belinda’s coaching and guidance helped me to prioritize my needs, set boundaries, and confidently make decisions that align with my happiness. Her calm, encouraging & supportive coaching provided practical tools for personal growth and reflection and helped me find a clear direction in life.  The whole coaching experience with Belinda has been transformative, grounding and I feel a renewed sense of purpose.   I wholeheartedly recommend Belinda to anyone that is feeling stuck, unclear and wanting more in their life for themselves. Thank you, Belinda, for being by my side and empowering me to embrace life with confidence and self love.